SG Enhanced CRM Solution For Interior Design Bosses

It's like excel sheet and whatsapp had a baby (But better)

Essential features that can enhance your business and go beyond what Excel offers.

Data Visualisation

Data visualization helps bosses understand complex data quickly, make informed decisions, and effectively communicate insights to teams and stakeholders. It promotes data-driven decision-making.

Protect Cashflow

CRM systems automate processes, such as invoicing and order management, ensuring accurate data entry and timely payments. It also safeguard cash flow by eliminating errors and improving efficiency.

Business Management

CRM systems give management a complete overview of their business and staff. They track performance, aid decision-making, and promote collaboration.

No more costly subscription, you own this CRM for life!

Discover how DesignDen can help you grow your business by 300% and build better relationships resulting in more referrals!

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Generate quotations quicker

Generate quicker yet accurate quotations in a matter of minutes easily

Data Visualisation

DesignDen will interpret complex data into vibrant easy-to-understand visualisation for clearer understanding.

Lead Management

Access your dashboard to have an overall update on all of your leads and projects at anytime.

Staff Management

Gain awareness of each staff on their sales performance as well as bandwidth so you can assign new leads strategically.

300% Growth

in sales with more meetings and closing- do more with less!

20+ hours

saved each week from generating quotations.

> $100k

of profits protected by the elimination of human errors.

" We have been using Excel for a long time. As our company grows, the cracks in our process became more obvious and DesignDen fill this opportunity gap for us. We were able to provide quotations much quicker and that scaled our profits up! "

— Jason Tan, Owner

Marc, Interior Designer

At first i thought it was going to be double job for me however I've gained more free time as this software does all the heavy lifting for me. I like!

Sarah Wong, Accountant

What used to be a 1 hour job, became 1 minute. Love the file management feature which I can do e-file in individual projects.

Racheal, Interior Designer

My firm trained us to do quotations on the spot and this strategy helped me with closing sales. Back then, doing on the spot will take at least 1 hour.

Now, 10 minutes settled! I now can meet more appointments without stressing about quotations anymore.

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