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Enhanced Client Engagement and Transparency

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Real-Time Project Management

Comprehensive Workflow Automation

Integrated Solution

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

with our bespoke Interior Design Management Solution

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Efficient Leads Distribution

Our system ensures fair and efficient allocation of new business opportunities by allowing interior designers to have leads

Streamlined Financial Operations

The finance and purchasing module optimises the procurement process by managing supplier information, purchase orders, and work orders seamlessly.

Customisable Digital Forms and Signatures

By incorporating electronic signature capabilities and customisable templates, we reduce paperwork and improve accessibility, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Real Time Cost Management

This feature helps maintain a healthy profit margin by ensuring all expenses are accurately recorded and monitored, leading to better financial oversight and decision-making.

Team and Performance Management

 Automating commission calculations and enabling team leaders to set and monitor KPIs, our solution supports a motivated and accountable workforce, driving overall company success.

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